zSpace Technical Specifications

zSpace For Education

zSpace Screen VR enriches lives by changing the way people learn, explore, connect, and play.

All Science Areas and Art Too

Physical Science, Life Science, Earth and Space Science, and the Social Sciences are included in the zSpace curriculum, as are diverse learning experiences through the applications. The zSpace creative application connects zSpace to art, allowing students to create in 3D.

Lesson Plans and Standards Alignment 

For all applications in the zSpace Education Package, zSpace provides lesson plans and standards aligned activities.

Education Software 

• zSpace Studio
• zSpace Newton’s Park
• zSpace Franklin’s Lab
• zSpace Curie’s Elements
• zSpace Euclid’s Shapes
• CyberScience 3D
• Leopoly
• Geogebra
• Visible Body
• zView


Display 24” HD Display (1920×1080) with zSpace  head tracked stereo display technology
Processor Intel i3-4370
Memory 8 GB Ram
Graphics AMD FirePro W5170M GPU
Storage 500 GB Hdd
Wireless 802.11 nac + BT
Camera Webcam

zSpace Stylus zSpace Eyewear (Passive Stereo glasses and 2D conversion glasses) Keyboard and Mouse

Operating System Windows 10
I/O Ports USB 2.0(x3), USB 3.0(x2), Ses (R, L, M) HDMI, Ethernet, Kalem
Physical Specs. System: 17.8” H * 25.25” W * 3.3” D Desk footprint: 9.5” H * 25.25.” W * 20.5” D Weight: 24.3 lb


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