Virtual Reality

zSpace combines elements of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

An all in one virtual reality computer

zSpace technology combines elements of VR and AR to create lifelike experiences on the computer that are immersive and interactive.

Lightweight and sleek

We believe the VR/AR experience should feel natural and intuitive. With its thin metal frame, the zSpace glasses provide an experience so natural, you will forget you are wearing glasses.

Familiar interactions

zSpace uses all of your senses to create a seamless experience. The stylus is designed with 6 degrees of freedom, allowing you to fully unlock the magic of zSpace.

Share your experience

With zView you can share your experience with not just a peer, but with an audience as well.


zSpace, Inc.® is a leading technology provider that delivers a new way of learning with its flagship product, zSpace®.
zSpace is an interactive hardware and software platform that allows users to visualize, create and experience in ways not possible in a traditional computer environment. zSpace’s virtual reality environment gives depth to the digital learning experience by improving the ways things are studied, explored, and designed.




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