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We recognize and identify needs in the educational system and curriculum and we make it our mission to capture pedagogical connections between various principles of science and technology in order to best present them in the kits we build.

… in response to the growing challenges faced by communities

The company makes it a priority to enrich and embolden the adventurous spirit of learners and educators alike by providing access to programmable educational devices while ever so industriously exploring ingenious ways of making coding an integral part of early curriculum in Turkey.

To inspire young learners to venture into unexplored terrain (building gadgets, briges, boats, cars, mechanical devices) mechanical principles behind them.

To facilitate and afford middle – and high schoolers access to precision measuring devices which make possible clear and concise experimental background Kits and projects that make learning as effective as it is fun.

Allowing kids to build electrical tools and toys of varying degrees of sophistication unveiling the mysteries of everyday appliances while affording them an essential understanding of electricity and magnetism.

Capturing the challenging intricacies of technical vocational instruction in interactive 3D models.


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